10 Best Places to Visit in Spokane, Washington

Riverfront Park

Immerse yourself in nature at Riverfront Park. Enjoy scenic trails, stunning river views, and iconic attractions like the Spokane Falls SkyRide. 

Manito Park

Discover the beauty of Manito Park's diverse gardens. From the Nishinomiya Japanese Garden to the Rose Hill, each corner offers a unique botanical experience. 

Spokane Fall

Witness the majestic Spokane Falls, a natural wonder at the heart of the city. Stroll along the falls, capturing the perfect photo to remember your visit. 

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Delve into Spokane's history and culture at the MAC. Explore fascinating exhibits, showcasing the region's rich heritage and artistic endeavors. 

Centennial Trail

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! Hike or bike along the Centennial Trail, offering scenic views of the Spokane River and surrounding landscapes. 

Riverside State Park

Escape into nature at Riverside State Park. With miles of trails, diverse wildlife, and tranquil spots, it's a haven for outdoor activities and relaxation. 

Mobius Discovery Center

For a family-friendly adventure, visit the Mobius Discovery Center. Engage in interactive exhibits and hands-on learning experiences for all ages. 

Dishman Hills Natural Area

Uncover the beauty of Dishman Hills Natural Area. Hike through lush forests, spotting diverse flora and fauna in this pristine natural setting. 

Mount Spokane State Park

Embrace the great outdoors at Mount Spokane State Park. Whether skiing in winter or hiking in summer, the park offers year-round recreational activities. 

Barrister Winery

End your Spokane journey with a visit to Barrister Winery. Savor local wines in a historic setting, celebrating the region's winemaking traditions. 

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