10 Best Places to Visit in the Aurora, Colorado

Aurora Reservoir 

This picturesque reservoir offers boating, fishing, swimming, and walking trails. It's a great place to relax and enjoy water-based activities. 

Cherry Creek State Park 

A beautiful park with a large reservoir, Cherry Creek State Park is perfect for hiking, biking, picnicking, and water sports. 

Cherry Creek State Park 

A unique urban marketplace with a mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It's a great place to explore and experience the local culture. 


This outdoor lifestyle center offers shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It's a popular spot for both locals and visitors. 

Aurora Cultural Arts District 

Experience local art and culture through galleries, studios, and live performances in this vibrant arts district. 

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum 

This museum features a wide array of aircraft and space exhibits, making it a must-visit for aviation enthusiasts. 

Aurora History Museum 

Learn about the history and heritage of Aurora through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. 

Morrison Nature Center 

Located within the Star K Ranch Park, this nature center offers educational programs and hiking trails that allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. 

Golf Courses 

Aurora has several excellent golf courses, such as Murphy Creek Golf Course and Saddle Rock Golf Course 

Utah Park 

A family-friendly park with playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and a recreation center, making it a great place for outdoor activities and relaxation. 

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