10 Family-friendly attractions in Irvine, California

Irvine Regional Park 

Irvine Regional Park is a large, beautiful park featuring playgrounds, hiking trails, and a zoo. Families can enjoy picnics, train rides, and paddle boating in the park. 

Pretend City Children's Museum 

Pretend City is an interactive children's museum where kids can explore a small, interconnected city with various exhibits, role-playing activities, and educational programs. 

Orange County Great Park 

The Orange County Great Park boasts a carousel, a giant helium balloon ride, and a farmer's market. The park frequently hosts events, concerts, and family-friendly activities. 

Adventure Playground 

Located in University Park, Adventure Playground offers a unique outdoor play experience with treehouses, mud pits, and areas for building and creating. 

Tanaka Farms 

Tanaka Farms provides a fun and educational experience for families, offering guided tours of the farm, tractor rides, and opportunities to pick your own fruits and vegetables. 

Boomers! Irvine 

Boomers! is an amusement park with activities like go-karts, mini-golf, arcade games, and bumper boats, providing a day of fun for the whole family. 

Heritage Park 

Heritage Park features historic buildings and a museum, allowing families to explore Orange County's past through educational exhibits and guided tours. 

Irvine Spectrum Center 

While known for its shopping and dining, the Irvine Spectrum Center also offers family-friendly attractions such as a Ferris wheel, carousel, and a splash pad. 

William R. Mason Regional Park  

This park offers a serene environment with a lake, walking trails, and playgrounds. Families can enjoy picnics, fishing, and playing in the open spaces. 

Turtle Rock Nature Center   

The Turtle Rock Nature Center provides educational programs and nature exhibits. Families can explore the nearby trails and learn about the local flora and fauna. 

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