10 Inspirational Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Unity of Religions

Ramakrishna taught that all religions lead to the same ultimate truth.

Personal Experience of the Divine

Ramakrishna emphasized the importance of direct experience of God or the divine.

Harmony of Different Paths

Ramakrishna taught that different spiritual paths are like different rivers, ultimately merging into the same ocean.

Non-dualistic Reality

Ramakrishna emphasized the concept of Advaita, or non-dualism, which states that ultimate reality is beyond distinctions and divisions.

Sincerity and Intensity of Practice

Ramakrishna stressed the importance of sincere and intense spiritual practice.

Seek the Company of Holy People

Ramakrishna advised his disciples to seek the company of holy people and spiritual seekers.

Control of the Mind and Senses

Ramakrishna emphasized the need for self-control and discipline.

Detachment and Renunciation

Ramakrishna encouraged his disciples to develop detachment from worldly attachments and to practice renunciation.

Service to Humanity

Ramakrishna emphasized the importance of selfless service to humanity.

Love and Devotion

Ramakrishna emphasized the power of love and devotion in spiritual practice.

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