10 Inspiring teachings of Guru Nanak Dev

Oneness of God

Guru Nanak Dev emphasized the concept of Ik Onkar, meaning "There is only one God."


Guru Nanak Dev taught the principle of equality and believed in the inherent dignity of all human beings.

Selfless Service

Guru Nanak Dev emphasized the importance of selfless service, known as seva.

Honest Livelihood

Guru Nanak Dev emphasized the importance of earning an honest livelihood.

Meditation and Prayer

Guru Nanak Dev advocated for the practice of meditation and prayer to connect with the divine.

Rejecting Ritualism

Guru Nanak Dev criticized empty ritualism and external displays of religious practices.

Social Justice

Guru Nanak Dev spoke out against social injustices prevalent in his time.

Importance of Truth

Guru Nanak Dev emphasized the importance of truth and living a truthful life.

Compassion and Love

Guru Nanak Dev preached the values of compassion and love for all living beings.

Divine Unity

Guru Nanak Dev stressed the idea of divine unity, emphasizing that all individuals are part of a larger whole.

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