10 Inspiring teachings of Saint Kabir Das

On Unity

"All of us are children of the same Divine, regardless of our caste, religion, or social status.

On Simplicity

"Simplify your life. The path to spiritual growth lies in embracing simplicity

On Inner Divinity

"Realize that the Divine resides within you.

On the Illusion of the World

"The world is an illusion. Do not get entangled in its temporary pleasures and sorrows.

On Love and Compassion

"Let love and compassion be the guiding principles of your life.

On the Power of Words

"Be mindful of your words, for they have immense power.

On the Guru

"Find a true spiritual guide who can show you the path to enlightenment.

On the Ephemeral Nature of Life

Focus on the eternal aspects of your being and strive for spiritual awakening, for that alone will endure."

On Detachment

"Practice detachment from worldly desires and attachments.

On Self-Realization

Realize that you are not separate from the Divine but an inseparable part of it. Awaken to your true self."

भगवान महावीर के 10 प्रेरक उपदेश

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