10 Surprising things about Hank Aaron

Early Struggles in the Minors 

In his first professional season, he struggled at the plate, hitting just .280 in the minor leagues. 

Negro Leagues Influence 

Aaron's impact on baseball was not limited to the major leagues. He started his professional career with the Indianapolis Clowns in the Negro Leagues  

Versatile Fielder 

Before becoming a major league outfielder, Aaron played shortstop in the Negro Leagues and was even recruited as an infielder by the Boston Braves. 

Last-Minute Position Change 

In his major league debut in 1954, Aaron was originally slated to play second base. However, the regular outfielder Bobby Thomson was injured, leading to Aaron's sudden switch to right field. 

Multi-Sport Talent 

Baseball wasn't Aaron's only sporting talent. He was also a skilled basketball player in his youth and had received college scholarship offers for basketball. 

Quiet Demeanor 

Unlike some of his contemporaries who were known for their flamboyant personalities, Aaron was famously reserved and soft-spoken 

All-Star Record 

Hank Aaron was selected to the All-Star Game an impressive 21 times during his career, showcasing his consistent performance and excellence on the field. 

Home Run King 

He accomplished this on April 8, 1974, by hitting his 715th home run off Al Downing of the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Death Threats: 

As he approached Babe Ruth's record, Aaron received numerous death threats from individuals who were opposed to a Black man breaking the iconic record.  

Post-Baseball Achievements 

After retiring from baseball, Aaron remained active in the sports world. He held executive roles in various Major League Baseball teams  

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