Bill Gates, the tech icon, has a fascinating life beyond Microsoft. Let's delve into lesser-known aspects of his journey.

Childhood Geniu

Did you know Bill Gates scored a 800 on the math portion of the SAT at age 14? His genius was evident from a young age. 

Harvard Dropout

Contrary to popular belief, Gates dropped out of Harvard not because of failing grades, but to pursue his passion for software development. 

First Software Sale

Explore the story behind Gates' first software sale at the age of 17. This early success paved the way for Microsoft. 

Visionary Leader

Discover Gates' foresight in predicting the significance of personal computers and software, a vision that shaped the tech industry. 

The 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' Revelation

Learn the story behind the creation of 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' and how it became iconic in computing history. 

Personal Challenge

Bill Gates faced legal challenges during Microsoft's early years. Understand the legal battles that shaped the industry landscape. 

Passion for Reading

Surprisingly, Gates is an avid reader, consuming about 50 books a year. Explore his reading habits and favorite genres. 

Philanthropy Beyond Wealth

Beyond Microsoft, Gates is known for his philanthropy. Learn about his efforts to tackle global issues through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Unconventional Hobbie

Discover Gates' unconventional hobbies, from playing bridge to learning a variety of languages, showcasing his diverse interests. 

Sustainable Investment

Explore Gates' commitment to sustainability through investments in green technologies and his views on climate change. 

Legacy in Technology

Wrap up the story by highlighting Gates' enduring legacy in technology and his impact on shaping the digital world. 

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