8 Most polluted cities in the World.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka has been grappling with severe air pollution, primarily caused by rapid urbanization, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, and brick kilns.

Delhi, India 

Delhi has consistently ranked among the most polluted cities in the world, mainly due to high levels of particulate matter, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution 

Beijing, China

Beijing has faced significant air pollution challenges due to industrial emissions, coal-burning for heating, vehicle exhaust 

Karachi, Pakistan 

Karachi has been dealing with various sources of pollution, including industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, open burning, and the burning of solid waste. 

Mumbai, India 

Mumbai faces air pollution issues due to vehicular emissions, industrial pollution, construction activities 

Kabul, Afghanistan 

Kabul experiences high pollution levels resulting from the combination of vehicle emissions, industrial pollution, dust, and smoke 

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

Ulaanbaatar faces severe air pollution during the winter months due to the widespread use of coal for heating, ger (traditional housing) stoves, and industrial emissions. 

Cairo, Egypt 

Cairo's air quality is affected by a range of factors, including vehicle emissions, industrial pollution, dust storms, and the burning of agricultural waste. 

Kathmandu, Nepal 

Kathmandu suffers from high levels of pollution caused by vehicle emissions, industrial pollution, brick kilns, and open burning of waste and biomass. 

Lagos, Nigeria 

Lagos experiences significant air pollution due to vehicle emissions, industrial activities, biomass burning, and the use of diesel generators for electricity. 

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