8 Slowest Animals in The World


Sloths are well-known for their extremely slow movement. They are arboreal mammals found in Central and South America and are adapted for a slow-paced lifestyle. 

Giant Tortoises 

Giant tortoises, especially the Galápagos tortoise, are large and slow-moving reptiles. They are found on some islands in the Pacific Ocean and are known for their slow pace. 

Garden Snails 

Garden snails are terrestrial gastropod mollusks known for their sluggish movement. They move using a single large muscular foot and leave behind a slime trail. 


Starfish, or sea stars, are marine invertebrates that move very slowly using tiny tube feet located on their undersides. 


Koalas are arboreal marsupials found in Australia. They are slow-moving and spend most of their time sleeping and resting in trees. 


Manatees, also known as sea cows, are large, aquatic mammals that inhabit shallow coastal areas and rivers. They are slow swimmers and spend most of their time grazing on aquatic plants. 

Sea Cucumbers 

Sea cucumbers are marine animals that move very slowly along the ocean floor using tube feet. They are echinoderms and are found in various marine environments. 


Loris is a nocturnal primate found in parts of Asia and Africa. They move slowly and deliberately, making them well-suited for life in trees. 

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