April Fool's Day-April 1 is known as Fool's Day all over the world.

celebrated every year on April 1st

Also known as All Fools’ Day

The holiday has since spread around the world and is now celebrated in many countries.

April Fool's Day is a light-hearted comedic day of cheers,practical jokes,and hoaxes.

The day is typically marked with a lighthearted spirit and is not meant to be taken seriously.

On April Fools’ Day, people often play practical jokes on one another

There are several theories about the origin on the April Fool's Day custom.

One explanation focuses on the introduction of the Julian and the Gregorian calendar

it is believed to have originated in ancient Rome as a festival called Hilaria.

In France, the victims of this prank were called Poisson d'Avril, or April Fish.

Celebrating April Fool's Day in India was started by the British in the 19th century.

In Scotland, April Fools' Day was originally called "Huntigowk Day"

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