Cholesterol :Home Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be controlled by some easy home remedies


Consumption of garlic is beneficial when Cholesterol increase

Apple Vinegar

Adding two spoons of Apple vinegar in a glass of water and consuming it is beneficial in high Cholesterol

Fenugreek Water

There are many elements present in Fenugreek which prove to be helpful in reducing the amount of Cholesterol

Fish oil

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish oil which is beneficial in Cholesterol

Arjun Bark

A decoction made from Arjuna's bark can prove to be helpful in reducing Cholesterol Levels'

Amla and Aloe vera

You can drink Amla and Aloe vera juice daily in the morning when Cholesterol level increase 

Consumption of Citrus Fruits

Consuming Citrus fruits such as oranges and grapes etc. can prove beneficial in high Cholesterol