Most 8 Polluted Cities In the United States

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has often been associated with high levels of air pollution

Bakersfield, California

Its air quality is affected by industrial activities, agricultural operations, and geographical factors

Fresno, California

It experiences high levels of ozone and particle pollution.

Visalia, California

It has experienced issues with high levels of particle pollution and ozone.

Modesto, California

Modesto, another city in the San Joaquin Valley, has also grappled with poor air quality due to agricultural operations, vehicle emissions

San Francisco Bay Area, California

The Bay Area has faced air pollution issues due to a combination of factors, including industrial emissions, traffic congestion

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Historically, Pittsburgh has struggled with air pollution due to its industrial past.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has also dealt with air pollution concerns, primarily related to industrial emissions.

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