The 10 Best forest Trek in the world 

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Distance: 20 miles (33km) round trip Duration: 4-5 days Level: moderate

GR20, Corsica, France

Distance:104 miles (168km) round trip Duration: 15 days Level: difficult

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Distance: 80 miles (130km) round trip Duration: 2 weeks Level: moderate

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Distance: 23–56 miles (37-90km) Duration: 5–9 days Level: moderate

Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

Distance: 11 miles (18km) each way Duration:2 days Level: moderate

Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh, India

Distance:50 miles (80km) Duration: 6-7 days Level: moderate

Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia

Distance: 15 miles (24km) Duration: 2 days Level: moderate

Routeburn Track,  New Zealand

Distance: 20 miles (32km) Duration:3-4 days Level: moderate

The Haute Route, France-Switzerland

Distance: 125 miles (200km) Duration:14 days Level: difficult

The Torres del Paine Circuit, Patagonia, Chile

Distance:85 miles (136km) Duration:9 days Level: difficult

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