Top 10 Presidents in U.S. History

George Washington (1789–1797) 

Founding Father and first President, set many precedents for the office. 

Abraham Lincoln (1861–1865) 

Led the nation through the Civil War and issued the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933–1945)  

Steered the country through the Great Depression and World War II with his New Deal policies. 

Thomas Jefferson (1801–1809) 

Author of the Declaration of Independence and made the Louisiana Purchase. 

Theodore Roosevelt (1901–1909) 

Progressive reformer, expanded national parks, and mediated the end of the Russo-Japanese War. 

John F. Kennedy  (1961–1963) 

Inspired the nation with the space race and civil rights advocacy.

James K. Polk  (1845–1849) 

Successfully achieved his four main goals in one term, including westward expansion. 

Ronald Reagan  (1981–1989)  

Conservative icon, known for economic policies and ending the Cold War. 

Harry S. Truman  (1945–1953) 

Oversaw the end of World War II and initiated the Marshall Plan. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953–1961) 

Supreme Allied Commander during World War II and promoted infrastructure projects like the interstate highway system. 

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